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that in and of this unfortunately you truly will still not know who killed chests. sea of forms part of a high altitude nature reserve of. 7 underground springs nurture the picturesque basin nestling in eucalyptus woods. its weather famous chat room indonesia's principal waterway starts its journey. pretty tough going to be some. of the. it
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runs 300 kilometers from source to mouth and there are over 2000 industrial facilities ranged along its banks. to 180 tons of toxic waste is dumped in the river every day. i'm out on your muscle. to do silly things. like give out a little money to be a. room over 4000 rice fields and supplies drinking water to 25000000 people. of the month when yes. so many of us about us remember a couple of people in the. political
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java is one of the world's most densely populated and published online in the 1980 s. cheap labor attracted manufacturers from all over the world the banks of the room became a popular place for building factories the government has alone factories to dump liquid waste into the room and its tributaries for decades so long as the water doesn't contain some 4 dozen banned industrial chemicals. you sort of see. someone you go. by the night at the. other didn't but what on there are ok but i. see young.
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butt and i. usually. we need. to. remove. it.
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so. we. will. open to. the textile industry is the island of employment. billions of us. economy along with her. chromium sink.
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since 2000 the indonesian government has been investing trillions of rupees into programs aimed at. anytime. jubal results. when they do this if. we. follow the stay out of the b. b. ready l. i said that if.
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a. bit up or look and sound and sound. and look i'm brad. i don't get me when you and i death. only for me to go from you mind that we. need to be separate number one single by that. he says i could better what's gone but at the time simply have ended every. issue or. else yeah sure major title. related to you pot this will cause you how. just one little act.
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and. yet my sat down we mustn't again. i got to do something to get the support. there is no choice they're going to there's no choice he. said i must act at the end and that i'm going to the last minute. with you and i didn't receive the medal but on. my heart but you get the most. of the support of the crew on saturday. the inner city. may. be.
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theirs and they just need to. remember the. look be. going well i mean i think. the simple. and i think. it will see. the concentration of lead in the factories liquid least was 3 times higher than the exceptional polonium and chlorine was $6.00 and $7.00 times higher respectively. low levels of oxygen in the water the river could no longer sustain life groundwater pollution spread 100 meters wide 60 meters deep.
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yet there. obviously. need one and. the most up. m m m m m m beneath and up anything will. feel a. little steps up to let that lead. you to move one step at all at. once got a supplement there could be a what i do to secure the city will go. up and last while the ball on the way to my mom with the can be am thing that sneaky philistine. city could be going to get to go to. a new city and i get a yeah. yeah by last long so you get the lowdown for me.
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after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go home fields where everything is familiar on the other i want to have a new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising. or not so you think. i'm going to talk about football not be or else you can think i was going to go. by the way what is it that's like here. is the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implemented for inside venezuela things move different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum
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to venezuela associated famously have a son of a moment to. get out of something political that it is still only at the present. moment the focus of the who story isn't new nixon called in henry kissinger to tell him that it will. be tolerated in latin america an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make the chilean economy scream so once and making the economy of venezuela scream. it out it sit there a lot i hear. this it simply didn't.
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you need to look into that. p.t. kartik says management agreed to show us its ways treatment facilities. just before appointment they change their minds and deny this access. to. the. m one and. the me. shutting down even a small thing tree leaves thousands of people on the way. unable to close businesses violating the environmentalists code banding environmental agency can only try and block their illegal ways to discharge points. by the. reminder. so how do i go to.
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be. then the other to pick up the god bless. the big apple unique. gave me. a little. young boom young. woman that i don't. have it in my body but on oh it is a problem. if you know me. you. must know people.
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but as. often as if i was one of. the you know i never knew that them. to be anything just. so much. that. we commissioned an independent lab to collect and test water samples in the vicinity of the family tree whose illegal discharge point and been shut down by the environmental agency you can be. all over them even. if because. i suppose you might believe. you should be able to put them at the do you keep up what. are you. going to be about i'm going to give the. bottom a better deal for you and the and as you said you any but to me. no mistake on this
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if you. actually knew. about the current. system am i was a belief that you don't if you only knew but you. i know. this new system without. any idea. what that. you know what i'm going on. what i buy the i'm worth so much i.
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do good to get at the. plastic money and then i get to be i just don't only want to go but that he could. not. buy dance and i'm not about that and i am a young woman he would i need somebody. to go out today and that is what they. are plastic bin. laden little water. but only a mustang not we but the south was it we don't need to. some of it it will most of us all night somebody wanted to do us harm up. to well i wish i had a singer but what i've.
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had with our. battle. for. quality of. being in. the media and in the south. i'm really. on that also plan. on moving to my pocket. now. my mom put it to the world of the sun to go up saturday for you did your part to. so you know when the. pocket money up now because it's all out.
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this morning. so i need. ready to be true to her the we're going to abuse her. ready once but to do don't talk. to mom and also me if. i yeah. yeah people. that i run but yeah you out of about.
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can buy a. book. if . you. yeah. yeah yeah. stevie.
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mean. each year up to $2000000.00 tonnes of plastic waste end up in the world's oceans asia they contribute 2 thirds of the plastic in the. plastic. that all.
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this in. the idea that. the. government river clean up campaign was launched in february 28th. government aims to make the water portable within 7 years. we collected our water samples 6 months. after the start of the clean up efforts. but several months later the results have still not been released.
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on fund servers running from both. second moment as he let them go one who took them up with another. even though the need for. the returns from the federal government 2nd the. moranbah has to let. the younger to move up more confidence is down. to the number one going to do that is the moves and that luke and i did really pretty simple they didn't he. didn't present 3100. of the.
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babies kept in the sun to cattle ditto my dad a septic tank except the income decided. now i can do that be somebody that you get and see that the d.m.v. menteith out there than any makes us aboard. the money makes this a book on but i think it up must be beyond i.d.d. . sing the it and i get that i watch it at the mall when yes i. want to wait this about us or at the door give me yet.
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really there's not much happening in the global economy as a result of the u.s. so called trade war just to put things in perspective you know most things that. the united states for export is finished products of the same holds true for most things exported from the u.s. to china so any tariffs on those products while they might affect the price levels in the u.s. or in china and they might affect the level of trade between the u.s. and china they simply don't destroy the global supply chain so the rest of the world is hardly affected at all. and. we are not to shy to talk about. chinese navy blue water navy actually we have made it clear that if by mid a century they will be. fully into the military that
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would even crude the class the chinese navy. the international economic forum is a unique. business world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the key economic issues facing russia emerging markets the world thousands of business community members attend the forum to address today's financial issues. special forum coverage. only answering an era the end of money no money with flags on it or. hope tate or. good day.
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positions in using tanks and vehicles filled with explosives the west points the finger at damascus for the escalation. a new study reveals that hundreds of e.u. products from clothes and makeup to children may contain harmful chemicals. on the way to the world's biggest ever election with india's prime minister pitted against the opposition was being billed a battle between a man of the people and the elite.


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